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Give Day Tampa Bay 2015

Chronicling Miracles Outreach which opens its doors to hundreds of children every year

Miracles Outreach is one of the first human trafficking shelters participating in Give Day Tampa Bay, hoping the day of giving will not only yield donations but awareness. ABC Action News chose to speak to Chrystal who is a Human Trafficking survivor thanks to a Miracles Outreach where she now works.


FBI: Children being sex trafficked in Bay Area at an alarming rate

Part 1: This is the story of Chrystal from Miracles Outreach

Many of the publicized stories about the children who have been victims of Human Trafficking in the Tampa Bay area have benefited from Miracles Outreach Programs. We’re on the frontlines of this epidemic and we’re striving everyday to turn each horrific story into one of triumph and perseverance!


FBI: Children being sex trafficked in Bay Area at an alarming rate

Part 2: The story of hard times organizations are facing with housing

ABC 28 chronicles the difficulties that other organizations with a desire to fight Human Trafficking are facing and how hard it can be to add additional safe housing for victims. They also conclude with Chrystal’s insight on how sex traffickers operate. dot_img

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