Human Trafficking

Fresh Start Residential Home for Girls

Human Trafficking is destroying the lives of youth all across Florida and Miracles Outreach is fighting this epidemic by giving hope and a home to children from the ages of 12 to 17 who have been survivors of this horrendous crime. The Florida Department of Children and Families contacts us with some of the hardest to place survivors because of our ability to rehabilitate those who have been exploited and placing them on a path to success. We’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful children pass through our program. Some of which, chose to continue to be a part of Miracles Outreach and mentor the next generation of survivors. Our plan for rehabilitation includes:
  1. Creating mental stability that leads to an increase in self-esteem
  2. Realistic goal setting for the future
  3. Essential life skills that help them get back into society with hope and confidence
Rather than classifying those who have been exploited as victims we’ve chosen to embrace the idea that they are in-fact survivors of Human Trafficking. It might only seem like one word or a distinction without a difference, but it is a mindset. Too many of the survivors have heard stories or have first-hand knowledge of children who became expendable commodities in the eyes of their captors never to be heard from again. Those who have made it to the other side and become charges of Miracles Outreach – are true survivors. It is our job to help them move forward from the day they enter our program and give them the tools to be productive members of society whose success and happiness will never be limited by the atrocities they’ve faced in the past.

Miracles Outreach has continued to fight the fight against human trafficking by being actively involved throughout the community, spreading awareness, providing quality training, providing community support, and several therapy options for each of the girls in our care.

Advocacy and Awareness

Miracles Outreach Hosts monthly lunch and learn events to bring awareness to the community about human trafficking. These events provide community residents with resources and support.

Outreach and Community Support

Miracles has partnered with local churches and other community agencies that allow us to provide a circle of support spiritually, mentally, and physically for our participants.

Training and Consulting

Our Miracles’ administrative staff provides training and consultation to group homes, churches, sororities, fraternities, and civic organizations that work with at-risk youth and young adults. Our trainings allow an increase in public awareness and identification of human trafficking cases and available services in our community. By training our community to see the signs, we enact anti-trafficking laws, as well as improve law enforcement capabilities to help women and young girls escape from trafficking. Consultants teach school administrators, teachers, parents, and teenagers how predators identify potential victims.

As a company, we hope these programs will reduce or prevent future victimization of teenagers, teach how to identify potential victims, and identify methods used to recruit unsuspecting kids. We also hope to teach parents how to recognize the signs that their child may be being recruited. However, most importantly, we hope to teach a young child or adult, how to protect themselves so they will not fall prey to human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

To help us make more survivors and give them the best opportunities to achieve their long term goals, reach out to us today!

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